Serving Our Community

Taking Care of Our Neighbors with Teamwork, Loyalty, and Commitment

Suburban Shield – Surround yourself with people on the same mission as you.
The Suburban Shield Mission is simple:

We all have circles of friends, circles of trust, circles of influence. If you think about it America is made up of a bunch of circles, some circles are just bigger than the others, without the circles there is no America. All the circles on the same mission working independently towards the same goal.
That’s what suburban shield is all about a circle of friends defending liberty.

We defend the circles, against the horde of illegal aliens cause by the “open borders”, that the socialist progressives are advocating, as well as the variety of unconstitutional gun laws, and provide a check against any future unconstitutionally actions.

“Let us be judged by our actions” we focus on the now(At the present time.), and positive outcome in the now.

We will protect and defend our homes, neighbors, and communities from the lawless actions of these self-proclaimed Emperor(s). We exist simply to prevent the over-reaching of the government, and to protect ourselves against the harsh effects of the lawless.

We are a family protection group; we focus on the now and being ready. When a crisis of any nature happens, we will be ready for it. Our philosophy is simple to gather with our neighbors and assembled plans so we know exactly how to act when the time comes. We have the experience and training to lead by example. Were are Active Involved and engaged.

We now know that we need to establish Safe Havens around the country for true Americans because; “No man in his right mind would leave his wife and children alone when all hell is breaking loose.”

We will then utilize these safe havens so that “American” safe zones can be established.
– United we are Stronger

Family networking for protection and readiness.  

Suburban Shield is community-based, we provide training to individuals in a variety of areas, including readiness in the area food storage prep, power, security (you provide your own resources).

Discipline, Humility, and Extreme Ownership;
“No man is entitled to the blessings of freedom unless he is vigilant in its preservation.”

Given all that’s happening, and, that has already happened thus far;
“Generally speaking, the entire military leadership has to be of one mind, and all of the military forces have to cooperate, in order to be able to defeat opponents.”  –The Art of War.

Leadership is a matter of Intelligence, Trustworthiness, Humanness, Values, and Principles.