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Protect Liberty at Home (Protect the circle) see more

We are looking for good Patriotic Men, Women, and families to join our organization. We are a Christian based, family-oriented, responsible and Constitutionally minded community.

  • We are the constitutional family protection group
  • We train our minds 
  • We train
  • We look after our families
  • We are ready
  • We are active
  • We are organized
  • We are committed
  • We are focused 

if you are willing to put in the work we will provide training in all the important areas:

  • Communication
  • Food Prep
  • Engineering
  • Team readiness
  • Firearm proficiency

Its time for a Constitutional Audit!
We have a very strong network of like-minded men and women who are ready and willing to defend their families, communities and the foundations of our country.  Want to know now more?

JOIN US – You are the only thing that stands between order or chaos. 
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A simple conversation is all that is required for membership. (Private invitation only)  or


Your mind is the most powerful weapon  

Food Prep


Our SRT Oath

We’re Here in Defense Of Families

We are the Solid line of Defense.
We will hold the line, we never surrender, and we never quit!

SRT Mission Statement:
To Hold the line and to never leave our Homes, Families, or (AO) without protection.


Our Spartan Oath

We’re Here to Restore Order as needed

We are the Offensive Line.
We will hold the line for Freedom.

Spartan Mission Statement:
To uphold and restore Constitutional Order if it becomes necessary, and to provide further safeguards, we will remove those who seek to destabilize the Constitutional Order, or, have an allegiance to anything other than the Constitutional Order of this Republic.
Death before Dishonor is our Creed, and it is our Way.

if it becomes corrupt and they begin executing laws that are not in congruence or pursuance to the Constitution the unorganized Militia would be the organized Militia’s well-armed family, friends, neighbors, and community (the unorganized Militia) would engage them and convince them that they must comply with the Constitution.