Simply Constitutional

The Return to Greatness

We are a Constitutional Republic
To make the American Republic stronger, safer, and more prosperous than ever before, we must realize that the way the existing government operates irregardless of the Constitution is not the answer to our problems.
The Constitution was purposely intended to limit the government and thereby limiting any parasitic behavior, while allowing individuals to excel on their own merits, which would bring us greater peace and prosperity.

A Constitutional Republic is a form of government, wherein the Head of State and other Representatives are elected by the Citizens in the communities where they reside.
It also means that there is a Constitution.
The Constitution says how the government should operate.
The Constitution limits the power of the Government, and each officeholder therein, not of the Citizens themselves.
A Constitutional Republic has a defined separation of power and responsibilities.

Principle 1 – The purpose of this is so that no single officeholder or branch of the government can have “unlimited” power over it’s Citizens.

Principle 2 – A free people cannot survive under a Constitutional Republic unless they remain virtuous and morally strong.

A Constitutional Republic is an attempt to limit the inherent dangers which can result from a “hierarchy rules” process.
The Constitution limits the power of each officeholder, and protects the rights of it’s Citizens from the “tyranny over the majority” this can create.
In a constitutional republic, no officeholder can get to a position to obtain absolute power.
Therefore, the Constitution limits officeholders from introducing laws that are outside the bounds, or scope, of the Constitution itself.

Also, in the Constitutional Republic, we are not bound by “public opinion” and the “feelings” of any single group of individuals.

We further recognize that the written text of the United States Constitution is the Supreme “law of the land”, and will follow it as it was intended.
This supersedes all, and we will dis-regard what any non-elected black robe(s), illegal court(s), or unconstitutional law(s) are decreed, passed, or attempted to be enforced upon our Citizens, outside of it’s intentions.

The Right to bear arms shall not be infringed upon in any way, method, or form. I will uphold the right to bear arms by any means necessary, including the use of force, if it is required.
That any entity that seeks to disarm American Citizens, are in fact trying to harm America, and shall therefore be considered an enemy of America.
There shall be no “gray area” on this right.
Infringement is Infringement.

We will not directly, or indirectly, teach, or advocate, the overthrow of the Government of the United States, or any other State, that has a Constitutionally Authorized government.
Nor will we allow any unlawful change in the form of the Government thereof by force, policy, or any other means.
In the event that Constitutional balance is lost, it will be restored, by the removal of those seeking to undermine and/or overthrow the Constitutional order by any method required, including the use of force if it is authorized.

Civil society is wholly dependent upon the symbiosis between the fundamental principles of liberty: free agency, responsibility, and accountability. When these principles are balanced and in harmony with the individual citizens, Liberty then can act as a catalyst in elevating synergy within the community and society. These synergies will lead to stronger spiritual well being, greater productivity, improved health, and development of wealth.