Simplicity:  Protect the circle

This video sums it up best not a shield video exactly on point 

Suburban Shield is not your average security-minded organization, since we understand human nature, and, how to be successful using that understanding.
We actually understand that despite there being many different personality traits that may join and participate in these groups, there are really only two types, and this why our group dynamic is so different from what you would normally expect, when compared to other traditional security groups.
This is also because we understand the psychology of the two types of personalities that exist on the modern suburban battlefield.

Because it is important to us to not only understand the motivations of human nature, we also know that some individuals, whether male or female, may only have the capacity to act in a support role, which can be anything from medical, logistics, educational, training, mentoring, or, even a purely defensive type role.
Simply stated, these personalities just want to stay home and protect their family and their neighbors.
They really don’t want to go off and fight the bad guys out and about in their area.
We actually understand that this distinction is a positive for the community, not a negative, and realize it as well as utilizing it.
We see and understand the honor that comes from everyone involved, which is not limited to a single role or duty, and that some can help more in one capacity, than another.

The opposite side of the spectrum are those that feel it’s more important to go seek out the threat and eliminate it, to prevent it from ever being able to get too close to their homes. There are even others that have that same singular mindset as their entire personal philosophy, and both are useful for the community as well.

We understand each of these two different personality types, which makes it much easier for us to understand the placement of our personnel in the community.
You essentially want to put your personnel in the role best suited for them, for the maximum success overall for the community.

Putting a person in a role that they don’t like, or, that they can’t get their head around and are mentally not prepared for, is a recipe for failure not only for them but their community.
Understanding this is key to our success.
Being honest with yourself, with a realistic assessment of your abilities and skills, is the key to a successful community.

We have the following positions:

  • Support & Logistics
  • Communication/Media etc.
  • Medical
  • Reconnaissance and Electronics
  • Training
  • Subject matters experts
  • SRT Units
  • Spartan Units

We are a decentralized organization under the leadership of a Local Area of Operations Commander (AOC).
This is because nobody knows better what your area of operation requires and needs than the people who live in it.
For that very reason, there is no “top-level” command.
You simply agree to a basic rule set, and standardization on items in areas like communication, drills, training, and support protocols.
This Standardization is also a leading factor to our local community’s success, and success is the name of the game, in every aspect of anything you want to achieve.

Please remember there is also a positive psychological aspect to being organized, and operating on a consistent set of standards.
Instead of focusing on how to solve a problem in the middle of a crisis, we focus on being prepared for that crisis to start with, in all the areas necessary, to ensure that we can achieve success on whatever mission we seek to engage in.
Combine critical thinking, preparedness, and planning, with an honest assessment of your goals, so that you can achieve them.
Less guesswork, with more focus, leads to success.

Suburban Shield is broken into three areas:

SME = Strategy Mission Execute.
This concept doesn’t just apply to an actual mission in the field, it applies to everything we do, including training, logistics, medical, and communication.
The strategy will either be the key to your success or, the key to your failure.

SRT = Suburban Response Team.
Defined as Defense and Protection Units, only for the Area of Operation (AO).
These are rescue and extraction units within their AO only.
These require a High level of commitment, and Specialized training will be supplied.
They do not leave the AO.

Spartans = Units classified