The Right to Bear Arms:

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads:
“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Citizen: “A member of this Constitutional Republic”
People: “The whole body of this Constitutional Republic”
Bear Arms: “To present arms; to carry or present arms of any type, regardless of configuration or functionality or any advancements in technology”`
The Right to Bear Arms:


  1. The Right to Bear Arms(weapons or firearms/Arms) is a fundamental requirement for maintaining our freedom from Tyranny in any form, including from our own government.To that extent, to protect the blessings of liberty and the security of freedom, the people will maintain their right to keep and bear arms, regardless of make, manufacturer, model, feature(s), or functionality, or operation or rate of fire or, any aspects related to the bearing, holding, carrying, transportation, or storage of said arms. Furthermore, advancements in technology may never change this provision. This right shall not be infringed upon by any of the current Local, State, Federal, or Governmental “Authorities”, nor any government appointed or private entity, within the confines of the Republic.Additionally, any Restrictions, Bans, or Embargoes placed upon the people pertaining to, or stemming from that same right, including but not limited to, sales, purchasing, access to, ammunition for, or accessories, of any type for said arms shall be unlawful and are hereby included in the infringement clause.Furthermore, the use of Taxation, beyond the median for the locale and defined tax rate therein, is also hereby included in the infringement clause.


  1. The Right to Maintain their Rights:
    Citizens have, and shall maintain the right, to match arms with any governmental or private entity.It shall be deemed unlawful to have gun or firearm “free zones” established at any level of government, or by any private entity. This includes at the current Local, City, State, and Federal levels.Doing so would be a crime against the Constitution, and the people’s ability to protect themselves against any threat of bodily harm.It shall be within the rights of the citizens to act with the full authorization contained within this amendment, to ensure the restoration of, and the maintaining of these rights, including the use of force if needed.


  1. Enforcement:
    Any individual, governmental, private representative, or entity at any level of the government that introduces or votes to pass any new law, legislation, ordinance, or resolution on any aspects related to the bearing, holding, carrying, transportation, or storage of firearms, or, any aspect included within this amendment will be considered an act of treason.Their position will be automatically forfeited and they shall never be allowed to serve in any function of the government, even at the Local, State, or Federal levels for the remainder of their lifetime.Furthermore, local law enforcement has the full authority to remove any individual who does not self-vacate.
    In the unlikely event that the local law enforcement fails to act on the same, they also will forfeit their positions immediately and can no longer serve in any capacity in the government for their lifetime as well.Should the above occur, then any local Constitutional Militia shall have the right and duty, along with full law enforcement authority, including the use of deadly force, to remove the guilty parties and restore order in that area.


  1. Immutable Survivability:
    To maintain the security of this Amendment and these rights, it can never be altered to the point of rendering it mutable, overruled, removed, preceded, or superseded by any current or future Law.Nor shall it by dis-joined, altered, or removed by any Member of the Republic, or, by any level of Government including but not limited to, Local, City, County, State, Federal, Executive Order, Treaty, or by any clause and/or court ruling worldwide, including globally, so long as any portion of the Republic remains, in any location.The spirit of and the covenants listed here and above may only be amended to facilitate the desires of the Citizens in their community, (Not Globally) and the Citizens therein are responsible for the voting and documentation of the same, and also for ensuring that the implementation of said changes, does not violate or alter the 1st (2) rights listed, which shall always remain immutable regardless.